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Baltic pipeline agreement reached, PGNiG, and GAZ-SYSTEM S.A have agreed to cooperating on the Baltic Pipe project, which aims to secure natural gas supplies for Europe.

The Baltic Pipe will make it possible to transmit Norwegian gas to Poland and to trade gas between Poland and Denmark. The final decision to implement the Baltic Pipe project is expected to be made in 2008. “I am convinced that the Baltic Pipe project will help to secure future natural gas supplies to the European market. The Baltic Pipe project is a crucial element of the strategy targeted at strengthening the company and securing gas supplies for PGNiG clients,” said Krzysztof Glogowski, president of PGNiG SA. The physical framework of the project will not be laid down until all the necessary permissions have been obtained. The project must be approved by the supervisory boards of all three enterprises and the respective energy ministers.

The Baltic Pipe project is closely linked to another ongoing project - Skanled - in, which and PGNiG SA together with a number of other participants analyse the possibilities of transmitting Norwegian natural gas to Norway, Sweden and Denmark via an offshore pipeline. “When Danish gas production in the North Sea starts to decline after 2010, it will be necessary to expand the gas infrastructure to provide access to new gas reserves,” said Peter Jørgensen, vice president of planning, (energycurrent)