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Auxiliary services bring OMV around 10% more clients in Romania

OMV Romania, the former local branch of Austrian petroleum group OMV, which is currently in Petrom's portfolio, introduced a service through which clients can pay instalments on leasing contracts signed with Unicredit Leasing.

Such services, which include the payment of credit installments and fast money transfers, have led to a 10% increase in client traffic in some stores of the petroleum operator, 25% of whose revenues are derived from the non-oil segment. „We intend to introduce other financial services to our petrol stations ranging from the payment of mobile phone bills and utility bills, to purchasing tickets for concerts and other types of payments,” stated Vlad Seitan, retail manager of OMV Romania. Last year, Petrom acquired OMV networks in Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, in a transaction worth €234.4 million. „In some locations, our client flow increased by 10% after the introduction of these financial services, Seitan added. (