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Almost three-fourths of Hungarians aware of Nabucco

About 73% of Hungarians have heard of plans to build both the Nabucco and South Stream pipelines, according to a survey by market research company and pollster Századvég.

A further 8% of Hungarians surveyed said they only knew about the Nabucco pipeline and one percent said they were only aware of the South Stream pipeline. Only 13% of respondents were not aware of plans to build either pipeline.

About 50% of those surveyed said they would support Hungary's participation in the Nabucco project, but just 5% would support the country's involvement in the South Stream pipeline.

The Brussels-backed Nabucco pipeline would bring gas from Central Asia to Europe, reducing the region's energy dependence on Russia. The rival South Stream pipeline would deliver Russian gas to Europe, but bypass Ukraine, whose rows with Moscow have resulted in gas shortages in Europe. (MTI-ECONEWS)