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Almost 1.5 million gas subsidy requests received

There were 1,469,334 gas subsidy requests submitted to the Hungarian State Treasury (MÁK) until yesterday afternoon, Social Affairs and Labor Ministry informed daily Napi Gazdaság.

Those who managed to send their request forms until yesterday will have a gas bill decreased by the subvention in February. The 99% of the already considered, nearly 1 million requests was found justified, and 25% of the forms was defective: they need still another round of correspondence. The ministry counts on about 2 million requests altogether in 2007. The Central Statistics Office (KSH)’s figures based on income data show that 80% of the 4.1 million households would be eligible for the subsidy, including the ones without any gas supply. Since 2.7 people constitute a household, the over 2 million households equals 5.4 million people. A net Ft 100 billion can be allocated in the budget for gas subsidy, said Labor Minister Péter Kiss earlier. (Napi Gazdaság)