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World Economic Forum on East Asia to kick off in Malaysia

The 17th World Economic Forum on East Asia will take place on Sunday to explore various facets of the region’s economic, social and political transformation in the face of new challenges.

During the two-day event themed “Responding to New Uncertainties”, participants from more than 20 countries will debate the challenges and priorities that will ultimately shape the region’s future agenda, according to the organizers. Currently, the prospect of a US recession, soaring food and fuel prices and a downturn in global demand have led to concern about Asia’s ability to decouple from the US sub-prime mortgage crisis.

Although ASEAN now has an economic blueprint and charter, Japan holds the G8 presidency, and the economic influence of China and India continues to rise, the need for a common agenda in East Asia to address the key regional and global challenges is unequivocally pressing, the organizers said. The program for this meeting will be designed to generate insight and guide action to improve the alignment of the region’s industrial, political and economic agendas. (