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Wheat harvest estimated to be 40% lower in 2010

This year's grain harvest is expected to be significantly lower than average in Hungary, with the country's wheat harvest down 40% compared to the average, Gergely Domján, deputy president of the Hungarian farmers association MAGOSZ, said in Budapest on Wednesday.

Wheat is grown on more than 1m hectares in Hungary, and the average yield is 5 tons per hectare in an average year.

Domján added that the smaller harvest does not jeopardize domestic supply.

Last year's wheat harvest amounted to 4.4m tons, down 22% from 2008, figures of the Central Statistics Office (KSH) show.

Speaking of grain prices, Domján said the intervention price of barley is €101 per ton, thus, the price of barley should be around HUF 30,000, though this year is only expected at HUF 21,000-HUF 23,000, which will not offset production costs for farmers even including farming subsidies. (MTI-ECONEWS)