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Wages, salaries, pays in CEE vs. EU

Average cost of an employees work time was €22.8 per hour in the private sector in the EU last year, representing 3.4% increase.

There is a wide distribution among the 27 countries - from the highest, €35 in Denmark (representing 3.6% increase) to the lowest, €2.1 in Bulgaria (representing 16.9% increase). Hungary ranked at the 20th place with €7.7 (representing 15.2% increase).

The highest increase was perceived in Romania: 30.4% to €3.9, while the lowest in Germany: 1% to €29.1. The CEE countries performed as follows: Poland €6.7 (representing 14.5% increase), the Czech Republic €8.1 (representing 10.2% increase), and Slovakia €6.4 (representing 18.6% increase).

Employer’s fees after €100 gross wage were the highest in the following countries: €50 in France and Sweden, €45 in Belgium and Italy, €42 in Hungary. The lowest fee after €100 gross wage was Malta with €10, while in CEE the numbers were as follows in 2007: Poland €25, the Czech Republic €38, Slovakia €22. (Napi Gazdaság)