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Voters divided along party lines on most likely euro entry date

Supporters of the governing coalition expect Hungary will join the euro zone either one or two years after the 2010 target date, while opposition Fidesz supporters believe adoption of the single currency will slide significantly, a poll of internet users published in national daily Népszava said on Monday.

According to the online survey by Fotexnet, 41% of the governing Hungarian Socialist Party’s supporters and 38% among its junior coalition member SzDSz voters thought 2011-2012 to be the most likely euro adoption date, while the original target date of 2010 was seen achievable by 30% of MSzP supporters and for 31% of SzDSz voters.

In the opposition camp, however, 32% of main party Fidesz thought that Hungary would only be able to join the single currency after 2014 while 30% favored 2011-2012. Meanwhile, regarding participation at the spring parliamentary elections voting inclinations remained strong with 73.8% of MSzP supporters, 73.7% of Fidesz voters and 71.2% among SzDSz supporters expressing an intention to vote. As to the question of which were the most important news items over the period under survey supporters of all parties thought the deterioration of Hungary's credit ratings was top of the list. The poll surveyed 1,000 internet users aged 18-49 from February 2 to February 4.