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US investors, state officials give good marks for bearing of Hungarian economy

The path Hungary's economy is on has been given much more attention and a more positive assessment in the US than expected, government commissioner Tibor Draskovics said after completing an official visit on Wednesday.

Both American investors and representatives of the administration said Hungary's program „is well directed, it is in the best interest of the country and it will reduce risks” both in terms of budget measures and reforms, Draskovics said. „We were encouraged to continue further and complete the austerity measures and reforms because they are necessary for stability and growth,” Draskovics said.

American business leaders as well as representatives of the government encouraged Budapest to create the conditions for budget discipline and economic growth, he said. Investment banks in New York told Draskovics „establishing a long-term presence on the Hungarian market is worthwhile as risks are decreasing,” Draskovics said. During his visit, Draskovics visited the Treasury Department the Commerce Department and the State Department, where Hungary's „turn-around last summer was assessed positively.” (Bg)