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US companies consider investments worth $200 mln in Hungary

ITD Hungary, a state-run agency which promotes investments in Hungary, is assisting US companies which are considering making investments of more than $200 million in the country, ITDH director Csaba Killián said in Thursday's issue of business daily Világgazdaság.

These investments could create more than 4,000 jobs. ITDH expects decisions on the roughly 40 investments to be made in the next two months, Killián said. The investments include projects in the automotive, IT, electronics, biotechnology and energy sectors, as well as in R+D projects.
The US companies considering investments are mostly SMEs aiming to introduce enhanced technology in Hungary. Some of the investors are even targeting Hungary's underdeveloped regions. Killián noted that although the US is technically the fifth biggest foreign investor in Hungary behind Germany, the Netherlands, France and Austria, US companies usually invest through their European units, which means the figure for US investments is actually much higher.