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Unions protest against more austerity

“Let the banks pay!” This is the main message of a declaration released by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), presented in Budapest by the Hungarian social forum (MSzF).

ETUC pointed out that the austerity measures taken by governments to combat the effects of the crisis have led to 23 million people losing their jobs, million more are on the verge of unemployment and social tensions are rising.

The organization named reducing unemployment as the top priority to which end it calls on governments to allocate 1% of GDP to stimulus. Furthermore, it is urging additional taxes on banks and their bonuses.

“The basic rights of workers as well as basic services must be protected. Resolute steps must be taken against the tax frauds of the rich and privileged and the unacceptable methods pursued by the likes of Goldman Sachs,” the statement reads. (BBJ)