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Unemployment at all-time low in Slovakia

Unemployment in Slovakia fell to an all-time low of 8.5% in April, the country's national labor office NUP reported Thursday.

NUP said there were 221,018 persons registered as unemployed in the month. Seven years ago, at the turn of the millennium, Slovakia - which became an independent state when the former Czechoslovakia split up in 1993 - was reeling from unemployment of over 20%. Now, the country along with the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania is one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe. The NUP said it was especially pleasing to see that the drop in joblessness in April from March had taken place not only in booming regions, but also throughout virtually the entire country. It said 77 out of 79 districts reported a drop in unemployment in April. Only in two districts, where the financial problems of a major employer had led to mass layoffs did unemployment increase, NUP said. (