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Transaction tax, telecom tax could cost HUF 500-550 per month

The new financial transaction tax and telecom tax payable after phone calls and text messages will mean extra expenditures between HUF 500-550 per month for an average family, Government Spokesman András Giró-Szász said on Friday.

Speaking during a morning television program, Giró-Szász said "this is an accurate, calculated model". If the flat-rate tax had to be changed, and a second tax rate introduced, we would have to reckon with HUF 7,500-8,000 per month as against the HUF 500, considering average income in Hungary, the government spokesman said.

He emphasized that a major part of the transaction tax will be paid not by customers, but by the banks.

With regard to the announcement of Fidesz spokesperson Gabriella Selmeczi, who said that Fidesz is proposing that families struggling with financial difficulties should not have to pay the above-mentioned taxes or they should pay less, Giró-Szász said the government will consider to the proposals of the party groups.