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Tisza flood reservoir inaugurated

Environment Minister Imre Szabó on Thursday inaugurated a HUF 7.6 billion flood reservoir along the Tisza River.

The reservoir, the second along the Tisza, can reduce the level of the river by 16 centimeters, Szabó said. Hungary plans to build a further four reservoirs along the river, with EU support, by 2013, allowing water levels to be reduced 50 centimeters-60 centimeters, he added.

Some HUF 110 billion is available as part of the New Hungary Development Plan for flood protection measures.

The reservoir inaugurated on Thursday can hold water to a depth of 2.5 meters over an area of 22.8 square kilometers. It will take 10-12 days to fill the reservoir and 15-20 to empty it. (MTI-ECONEWS)