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Think-tank chief says exports the key to revenue growth among Hungarian companies

CEO Éva Palócz of economic think-tank Kopint-Tárki said at a press conference that exports were the principal motor of revenue growth among companies in Hungary that registered increasing turnover during the period 2003-2007.

Palócz remarked that Kopint-Tárki's survey of 63,000 companies in Hungary showed that 47.6% of the companies generated an increase in turnover in 2003-2007, while 47.8% of them sustained a decline in turnover during the period.

The Kopint-Tárki CEO noted that 4.5% of the companies surveyed recorded a more than tenfold increase in turnover in 2003-2007, adding that most of these companies were SMEs.

Regardless of company size, all companies that achieved more than average or exceptional growth relied on exports, Palócz pointed out. (MTI-Econews)