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Tax system needs more payers

The largest problem facing the current taxation system is the low number of those bearing the common burdens, who are thus required to contribute more, said Miklós Tátrai, State Secretary to the Finance Ministry.

The official stressed that the government has enacted steps that upped the number of registered tax and contribution payers from the 3.8 million of 2005 to 4 million in 2006. The same tendency can be observed in the corporate sector: while in 2005, 125,000 companies of the 315,000 that submitted tax declarations paid taxes, in 2006, the figure was 140,000.

Tax-related government measures for 2008, as well as 2009, are primarily defined by the targets laid out in Hungary’s Convergence Program, Tátrai said. Accordingly, the foreseeable steps will be aimed at enhancing competitiveness, improving employment, and creating equality in the tax system. (Gazdasági Rádió)