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Tax changes leave Hungarians with HUF 150 bln more personal income in 2010

Tax changes introduced last year let Hungarians keep HUF 150 billion more of their income, National Tax and Excise Tax Office (NAV) deputy head Arpad Varga said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Personal income tax collected last year edged up 1.4%, under the rate of inflation, to HUF 119.8 billion, NAV data show.

The number of Hungarians filing personal income tax returns rose by 22,000 to 4.5m. Of these, 3.5m paid tax.

The tax base for personal income tax in Hungary rose HUF 119.8 billion to HUF 8,395.9 billion in 2010. Including employers' payroll tax contributions, the base came to HUF 10,471 billion.

The number of retired Hungarians who earned income in addition to their pensions fell to 474,000 from 486,000. The base for pensioners' personal income tax was HUF 507.9 billion.