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Suzuki unveils new Swift model in Esztergom

Suzuki Motor Corporation chairman-CEO Osamu Suzuki and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán together drove the first new Suzuki Swift model off the assembly line at the car maker's plant in the Hungarian city of Esztergom on Thursday.

The new model was unveiled in Esztergom, but will be made in several countries. Suzuki's plant in Esztergom will turn out 170,000 cars this year, including 40,000 of the new Swift model, Suzuki said. The new model will be available in Hungary from the autumn.

Suzuki has been the best-selling brand of car in Hungary for 13 years. In 2009, it had 13.5% market share, selling 3,084 SX4 models, 2,480 Swifts, 2,209 Splashes and 339 models imported from Japan.

Suzuki has invested HUF 280 billion in the plant in Esztergom since it was established in 1991. It employs 3,900 people and provides work for thousands more at it suppliers.

The Esztergom Business Association presented Suzuki with the Maria Theresa prize for the economic development of Esztergom and surroundings in the afternoon on Thursday. (MTI-Econews)