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Support rallies for Debrecen ESS bid

Scientific, business and political leaders in countries in the region support Hungary's efforts to bring the European Spallation Source (ESS), Europe's planned €1.1 billion neutron research center, to the city of Debrecen, participants at a conference there entitled “What Can the region do for European Science and Society” said.

Participants at the conference from Austria, Romania, Slovakia and countries in the Supcarpathian region expressed their support for Debrecen's bid to host the ESS.

Debrecen is competing with Bilbao, in Spain, and the Swedish city of Lund for the center.

Edit Herczog, an MEP who chairs the ESS National Council, said Hungary would not forget the support of countries in the region for its bid.

Present at the conference were Lucian Sova, Romania's economy state secretary, and Stefan Hanslik, representing Austria's research ministry.

The ESS would create about 600 workplaces, but it would also draw 4,000-5,000 guest researchers each year.

The government said in September it would contribute HUF 90 billion (€300 million) toward establishing the research centre, about one-third of the total cost. Spain and Sweden are offering to contribute about the same amount, but the total cost of the project would be €200 million - €250 million less if built in Hungary, the National Development and the Economy Ministry said.

A decision on the location of the ESS is expected to be taken in the first half of 2009. (MTI – Econews)