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State revenue could climb HUF 1,000bn, expenditures drop HUF 600bn-800bn in 2013-2015

General government revenue could rise by HUF 1,000 billion a year, while expenditures drop HUF 600 billion-800 billion in 2013-2015 , National Economy Minister György Matolcsy said at a meeting of the National Interest Coordination Council (OET), a forum for employers, unions and the government, on Friday.

Expenditures will fall as the cost of servicing the country's debt drops and spending on public private partnerships as well as the operation of the state is cut, Matolcsy said. Revenue will rise as employment grows, he added.

The government expects 400,000 jobs to be created in Hungary by 2015, Matolcsy said. (MTI Econews)