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Spending by foreign visitors to Hungary rises 17%

  Spending by foreign visitors in Hungary rose 17% to HUF 1,087 billion in 2008, while spending by Hungarians abroad increased 25.6% to HUF 725 billion, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) said.

Hungary’s tourism surplus rose 3% to HUF 363 billion. The number of foreign visitors in Hungary last year was flat at 39.6 million. The number of Hungarians traveling abroad rose 1% to 17.4 million.

The average forint/euro cross rate was 251 in 2008, level with the rate in 2007. About 67% of the foreigners who visited Hungary in 2008 were tourists. Foreign tourists spent HUF 731 billion in Hungary in 2008, 14% more than in 2007.

Foreigners who stayed in Hungary more than one day spent at total of HUF 678 billion on services related to tourism. About 85% of foreign visitors who spent more than one day in Hungary were tourists in 2008, 4% more than in the previous year.

Business travelers accounted for 14% of the number 1% more than in 2007. Foreign travelers spending more than one day in Hungary visited mainly Budapest (41%) and western Transdanubia (27%). (BBJ, Gazdasági Rádió)