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Slovenia’s annual inflation highest in Eurozone

Slovenia’s inflation rate on the annual level was 4%, the highest rate among the euro area countries, while the eurozone annual inflation rate stood at 1.8%, according to latest data provided by Eurostat, the EU's statistics office.

Both the eurozone and the EU in July recorded a slight deflation in comparison to June, as monthly inflation rate was -0.2% in the euro area, and -0.3% in the 27-nation bloc. Slovenia’s 12-month average rate in July (2.8%) was second only to Greece (3%) among the eurozone countries. In July, the lowest annual rates in the EU were recorded in Malta (0.7%), Finland (1.3%), and France (1.4%), and the highest rates in Latvia (7.5%), Hungary (7.5%), and Bulgaria (5.5%).

According to Eurostat, sectors with the highest annual rates in the eurozone were education (9.1%) and catering (3.4%), while the lowest annual rates were posted in telecommunications (-1.7%), clothing (0.1%) and recreation and culture (0.3%). (