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Slovenian investments hit €3.5 bln, €117 mln invested in Macedonia

Slovenia invested €117 million ($162 million) in Macedonia, which ranks the country seventh on the list of Slovenia’s investments abroad in 2006. 

Last year, Slovenian companies invested a total of €3.5 billion ($4.85 billion), among them, almost two thirds were invested in the former Yugoslav republics, Slovenia’s business newspaper Finance. Slovenia’s investments hit record high in Croatia €927 million ($1,28 billion), then in Serbia €790 million ($1,09 billion), BiH €344 million ($477 million), Macedonia €117 million and in Montenegro €71 million ($98.5 million).

As regards investments outside the former Yugoslavia borders, Slovenian companies invested mostly in Netherlands €355 million, Poland €139 million, Russia €121 million and Germany €74 million.

In general, Slovenia’s leading retailing chain Merkator is the major investor abroad. Merkator’s investments hit €397 million ($550 million) by the end of 2006. Also on the list of Slovenia’s major investors are Ljubljanska Banka, Droga Kolinska, Krka and Petrol. (