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Romanians pessimistic about national economy in 2009 – survey

  Many Romanians see the national economy in recession in 2009, according to a local survey made public Thursday.

According to the survey conducted by Unlock Market Research, 36% of Romanians see the economy in recession this year, 23% think the economic situation will see no changes whatsoever, 30% of respondents think the economy will see as light increase, while 8% think the country’s economy will flourish.

As regards the effects of the economic crisis, Romanians also think the crisis will seriously affect the real estate sector, the unemployment rate and the budget deficit. At the same time, 65% of respondents think the crisis will seriously affect the living standard, while 62% see higher food prices.

They also said the crisis would mainly affect the construction sector, the automotive sector and banks, followed by agriculture and insurance. Romanians are most confident in the IT sector and media, tourism and education, the survey showed.

Respondents also said they fear higher utility prices, the weakening of the national currency lei or higher food prices in 2009, while 34% of them are afraid they might lose their jobs.

The survey also showed that respondents seem to be in the dark with respect to a clear strategy under current economic circumstances, as they are rather willing to adjust to whatever the future may bring. (Xinhua)