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Romania pledges to pump gas to Hungary via interconnector

Romania's government has promised to take steps necessary to allow exports of gas to Hungary through an interconnector by the end of 2012, according to a memorandum of understanding with the European Union, MEDIAFAX reported, citing a document it obtained.

The government will take all the necessary actions "to ensure that a bi-directional flow of gas at the border with Hungary is established before the end of 2012," the document reads.

"The deadline in the memorandum was negotiated and not imposed by the Commission," sources from the Economy Ministry told MEDIAFAX.

The 109-km gas interconnector between the Hungarian city of Szeged and Arad, in Romania, was inaugurated by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his Romanian counterpart Emil Boc last October. The line was built to allow flow of gas in both directions. But at present gas is only being delivered from Hungary.

The line was built by Hungary's FGSz Földgázszállító, a unit of Hungarian oil and gas company MOL, and Romania's Transgaz. The project was supported with €17m in European Union funding.

The 47-km stretch of the line in Hungary cost €33.3 million to build.

The line has an annual capacity of 3 billion cubic meters.