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Retail electricity prices to rise HUF 2 per kWh from February

Retail electricity prices will rise about HUF 2 per kWh from February 1 because of changes to regulated prices.

The increase is the result of a change to the regulated wholesale price of the Hungarian Electricity Works (MVM) and smaller changes to margins for "universal service providers", which supply households. A decree by the National Development Ministry raises MVM's regulated wholesale electricity price from HUF 15.94 to HUF 17.17 per kWh.

Prices for households in the smallest consumption category, using 1,320 kWh of electricity a year or less, will rise from HUF 20.46 per kWh to HUF 21.88 per kWh in EDF Demasz's service area. Prices will rise from HUF 21.03 to HUF 22.24 in Elmu's service area and from HUF 19.84 to HUF 21.17 in E.ON's service area.

The universal service provider price margin will narrow from HUF 1.89 per kWh to HUF 1.79 per kWh for EDF Demasz, while it will widen to HUF 1.99 for E.ON, to HUF 1.90 for Elmu and to HUF 2.02 for Emasz. (Econews)