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Research shows Hungarian wages are low

315 companies took part in a survey conducted by Hay Group Management Consulting Kft, participants stated that they are planning 5.6% to 6% wage increase in 2008, compared to 6.1% to 6.8% realized this year.

Total staff employed by these strong, capitalized companies is over 300,000. Lower increase will apply to physical workers, while experts, skilled staff and managers are planned to get higher wage increases. Budapest positions pay 16% more than the average, those in Western Hungary 3% more, while in Eastern Hungary 12% less. The best paid field is IT (17% more than the average), followed by marketing (14% more) and accounting (5% more). Direct production pays 9% less than the average.

International comparison shows how low Hungarian wages are: workers get twice or three times more salary in Portugal and Spain, respectively, while 5.5 times more in Denmark. (Gazdasági Rádió)