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Renewable, combined-cycle energy subsidies climb more than 4% in H1

Subsidies for renewable energy and heat generated at combined-cycle plants rose by 4.1% to HUF 44.2 billion in the first half of 2010 from the same period a year earlier, the Hungarian Energy Office (MEH) said. Combined-cycle power plants took 67% of the subsidies or HUF 29.6 billion, 4.1% less than in the base period. Subsidies for renewable energy climbed 27.4% to HUF 14 billion. While overall subsidies rose, the subsidy per kWh will fell to HUF 11.44 from HUF 11.74. The subsidy for district heating generated at combined-cycle plants fell to HUF 11.20 for HUF 12.26 per kWh, while the subsidy for renewable energy rose to HUF 12.25 from HUF 10.85 per kWh. The amount of renewable energy and heat energy from combined-cycle plants distributors were required to purchase rose by 6.8% to 3,862.3 GWh. The amount of energy generated by biomass rose 11.11% to 811.2 GWh. The amount generated by wind power jumped 47.2% to 230.3 GWh. Since the first half of 2009 investments have added 19.8MW to the country's biomass energy-producing capacity, 5.5MW to biogas-fueled capacity and 27MW to wind power. (MTI-Econews)