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Regional development council awards HUF 107 million in Balaton tourism funding

The Western Transdanubian Regional Development Council has awarded a total of HUF 107 million (€397,720) in support to the Héviz Tourism Marketing Association and the Zalakaros Tourism Association, council member József Baracskai announced on Thursday morning.

The Zalakaros Tourism Association will receive HUF 59.9 million in support, while the Héviz Tourism Marketing Association will receive HUF 47.2 million in support, Baracskai said.

Hungarian Socialist Party Member of Parliament József Mohácsi said that the the Zalakaros Tourism Association would use its support from the council to finance a HUF 70.5 million development program aimed at strengthening the association's information and marketing operations, while the Héviz Tourism Marketing Association would utilize its funding to finance a HUF 55.5 million project involving product-development, program organization and the installation of signage and touch-screen informational devices.

Both Héviz and Zalakaros are located at the southwestern end of Lake Balaton. (MTI-Econews)