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Privatizations not on ministry agenda

The Transport, Telecommunication and Energy Affairs Ministry is not planning any privatizations, Péter Hónig, who heads the portfolio, said in an interview published in Monday's issue of daily Népszava.

“I have no intention of selling a single company that belongs to the ministry,” Hónig said.

The ministry would only sell companies that are in a good position, and only if the sale promises good proceeds, Hónig said. “Currently I don't know any companies that belong to my ministry that are ripe for privatization....with the exception of the Hungarian Electricity Works, but the sale of that too is not on the agenda,” he added.

A few days earlier, Hónig asked the management of railway company MÁV and long-distance bus company Volán to prepare proposals for boosting the companies' profitability while at the same time raising their level of service. In the interview in Népszava, he said this could mean scrapping under-utilized parallel services.

There is still no concrete plan for the restructuring of gas subsidies, Hónig said. The Hungarian Energy Office (MEH) is preparing different calculation models right now, he added. (MTI – Econews)