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PM says government must continue to implement crisis-management measures

Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai said at an extraordinary cabinet meeting held on Tuesday to discuss the government's proposed 2010 budget that the economic crisis has not ended in Hungary, thus the government must continue to implement crisis-management measures.

Bajnai said that the government must build the crisis-management initiatives it has taken so far into the 2010 budget, adding that situations will emerge with regard to the budget in which the government must refuse legitimate demands for support. The prime minister remarked that the 2010 budget will be built on tax cuts, preservation of public safety and jobs.

Bajnai cited local councils and public transport as two main areas in which the government plans to impose budget cuts in order to meet its 2010 deficit target of 3.8% of GDP, noting that funding for public safety and the government's job-creation program would increase next year in spite of the difficult economic circumstances. The prime minister remarked that Hungary's GDP is expected to contract by a combined 7.5% in 2009 and 2010.

He said that he expects much debate to take place during negotiations regarding the proposed 2010 budget, adding that the government is receptive to all constructive proposals based on the present budgetary objectives. (MTI-Econews)