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Parliament approves main 2009 budget figures

Hungary’s Parliament on Tuesday approved the main figures of the 2009 central budget showing revenue of HUF 8,270 billion, expenditures of HUF 8,933.7 billion and a deficit of HUF 663.7 billion.

The figures were approved with a vote of 211 ayes and 169 abstentions.

MPs also voted on a government-supported amendment to place a HUF 80,000 cap on annual bonuses for pensioners and introduce a 62-years-of-age eligibility requirement for the bonus. The change was passed with a roll call vote of 210 ayes and 169 nays.

The government projects inflation will slow to 4.5% in 2009 from 6.4% in 2008. It sees real wages falling 2% in 2009 and household consumption dropping 3%. (MTI – Econews)