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Over 6,700 to be laid off in public sector

More than 6,700 jobs will cease to exist in the public sector under a cabinet decision published in the official gazette Magyar Kozlony on Wednesday.

The highest number of lay-offs, or over 2,300, will be in government offices.

The cabinet has decided to cut jobs in order to reduce the budget deficit and develop an efficiently operating state, the decision shows. The lay-offs will come into effect on January 18 at the latest.

Concurrently with the lay-offs, the cabinet has ordered the launch of a Career Bridge Programme to assist those who lose their jobs.

A total of 2,826 people will be laid off at the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice and organisations that belong to the ministry. The Ministry of National Resources and its institutions will lay off 903 people and the Ministry of Rural Development and its institutions will lay off 742. The Tax Office will cut 577 jobs.