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Orbán urges flat tax in one step and immediately

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told public service television channel M1 that he would ask his cabinet to decide on a flat tax “immediately”.

“I think that I can convince members of the government so that they feel sufficient strength to convince at least 50% of parliamentary deputies [to vote for it],” Orbán said in the interview ahead of Sunday's local election.

He said that he did not want to introduce any austerity measures.

Asked if the energy and telecommunications sectors would have a tax similar to the levy on financial institutions imposed on them, he replied that if the target of getting the budget shortfall to 3.8% of GDP appeared endangered then the government would “take steps”, but not in such a way as to burden ordinary people with austerity measures.

Pressed about the possibility of an energy and telecommunications tax, Orbán said: “I would not rush ahead so bravely”.

The prime minister also said that the central government was considering taking back certain responsibilities from local councils, without giving details. (MTI – Econews)