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Only Slovaks poorer than Estonians in euro zone

Among 17 euro zone members, Slovakians the poorest by net value of their assets, statistics shows, published by Swedish business paper Dagens Industri last week. In a survey in which Credit Suisse and Oxford University measured the net value of assets held by residents of euro zone countries in 2012, Estonian households had in average €21,000 worth of assets. The figure put Estonians second-poorest in euro zone and ahead only of Slovakia that posted €19,000 per person. In 2012, the top six were Luxembourg (€119,000), France (€206,000), Belgium (€181,000), Italy (€165,000) and Austria (139,000). Germans had average net assets worth €135,000 and was ranked only seventh richest in the euro zone. Finland was 10th with €113,000, followed by Cyprus (€87,000), Spain (€81,000) and Greece (€70,000). Central banks of euro zone countries have been collecting information about household assets since 2006.