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One million Hungarians have back taxes - newspaper

One million Hungarians, or about a tenth of the population, owe money to the tax office, which has recorded HUF 170 billion in liabilities accumulated by individual taxpayers, daily Magyar Nemzet reported on Thursday, citing data from the tax and customs office NAV.

Outstanding tax debts range from a few thousand to millions of forints, while the average amount owed stands at HUF 165,000, NAV told the paper.

Most of the tax arrears come from unpaid personal income tax, though health contributions are high on the list as well.

The number of individuals, as opposed to companies, with unsettled tax bills has risen over the past few years ─ to over a million this year from 900,000 last year and 700,000 in 2008, NAV said.

On the other hand, businesses owe NAV some HUF 2,100 billion altogether, the newspaper said.