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Official calls for Bali Roadmap

"We must set out an ambitious roadmap to start urgent negotiations on a global and comprehensive climate agreement for the post-2012 period," said Stavros Dimas, European Commissioner for Environment, on Tuesday at the UN climate change conference in Bali, Indonesia.

"This future agreement will have to be far more ambitious than Kyoto (Protocol)," he said. "The international community must move urgently to put in place a post-2012 climate regime. That is why it is essential that we reach consensus here in Bali to launch negotiations on a new agreement," he said. "We must also set a deadline for completing the negotiations by the end of 2009 so there will be enough time to ratify the agreement and bring it into force before the end of 2012," he added.

"We need a 'Bali Roadmap' to guide the negotiations that sets out the agreement's main building blocks and the level of ambition it must aim at," he said. Developed countries have the moral duty -- and the necessary resources -- to lead the way in cutting emissions. One of the key components of the future climate agreement has to be much deeper, mandatory emissions reductions by the industrialized world, he said.

"We are proposing that developed countries commit to reduce their collective emissions by 30% by 2020, and by 60%-80% by 2050, compared to 1990 levels," he said. He said he believed that the Bali conference is on track to deliver good results -- but the next three days will be decisive."

"I have no doubt there will be some difficult discussions. We must not miss this historic opportunity to lay the ground for the ambitious action that is essential if we are to win the battle against climate change," he concluded. (Xinhua)