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Number of registered job-seekers falls slightly in June

The number of registered job-seekers in Hungary fell 0.6% to 546,000 in June from the same month a year earlier, fresh data published by the State Employment Service (ÁFSz) show. Numbers of job-seekers started to fall yr/yr in May.

Month-on-month, the number of registered job-seekers fell by 1.8%.

Of the overall numbers of registered job-seekers 163,300, or 29.9% were unemployed for more than one year, 1.2% less than in May, but 19.6% more yr/yr. Their numbers have kept on growing yr/yr since September 2009.

According to seasonally-adjusted figures, the number of registered job-seekers rose 6,200 to 573,600 in June from May.

Different unemployment benefits were provided to 326,900 registered job-seekers in June, to 5,100 less than in May. Job-seekers with no benefits numbered 219,100, 2.3% less than in May.

Companies announced 32,900 new jobs in June, down 18.6% from May and up 38.1% from the same month a year earlier. Of the newly announced jobs, 52% were subsidized. Overall, there were 58,800 vacancies registered with ÁFSz during June, 13.6% less than in May and 5.9% more yr/yr. Of those, 29,900 vacancies remained open at the end of June, 15,3% more than at the end of May..

The ratio of registered job-seekers to the economically active population was 12.5% in June, and their ratio to Hungarians of employable age was 8.1%.

Twenty-five companies announced mass layoff plans affecting a total of 537 workers in June 2010, down 1.1% from May. (MTI-ECONEWS)