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Number of private sector employees down 4.7% yr/yr in February

  The number of full-time employees in Hungary dropped 3.5% in February from the same month a year earlier as the number of private sector employees fell 4.7% to 1,875,000, data published by the Central Statistics Office (KSH) on Friday show.

Private sector employment numbers fell 4.1% in January-February from a year earlier. The number of public sector employees fell less, by 0.8%, to 709,000 in February from the same month a year earlier. The drop in January-February was 0.6%. The number of full-time employees in both the private and public sectors dropped 3.0% in January-February.

January-February employment numbers dropped a sharp 7.5% yr/yr in the manufacturing sector and fell 8.6% in the construction sector. Exceptions from the trend included the information and communication services sector, where the number of employees rose 11.4%, the financial and insurance activities segment, where numbers climbed 2.2%, the public administration sector, where employment numbers increased 2.6%, and the healthcare sector, where numbers were up 2.9%. (MTI-Econews)