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Number of Hungarian ships with Croatian docking permits decreases

The number of Hungarian ships with permanent docking permits in Croatia was down 1.7% to 270 in 2008 from 2007, while the number of ships with temporary docking permits fell 14.1% to 1,535 during the year, Croatian statistics reveal.

Hungary was still in the top ten in a ranking of countries by the number of ships with permanent and temporary docking permits in Croatia, the Budapest office of the Croatian Tourism Community said.

Agency leader Marin Skenderovic said the 270 Hungarian ships had permanent docking permits in 2008, including 197 yachts, 70 sailboats and 3 other ships. Among the 1,535 ships with temporary docking permits, there were 865 sailboats, 637 yachts and 33 other ships. (MTI – Econews)