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Non-profit company proposes building biogas plants in area of red-sludge spill

CEO Tibor Enyingi of biogas-plant construction company Sokoro Naturzona Nonprofit Kft proposed on Monday that biogas-fueled power plants be built in the communities located in the region of west-central Hungary where a massive red-sludge spill occurred in early October.

The company prepared the proposal jointly with Hungarian rural-advocacy group Magyar Vidék Szövetség

European Union-funded New Hungary Development Plan support for disadvantaged regions could be used to pay for 60% of the HUF 1 billion cost of building a biogas plant, while bank loans would be used to cover the remaining 40%, Engingi said. Local residents and councils would own the plants, which would generate an estimated HUF 800 million in annual revenue from the sale of renewable energy.

The cost of the investment needed to build a biogas-fueled plant would be recouped in three years, the CEO said.

Engingi remarked that herbaceous plants would be grown on 300 hectares of land to provide the raw material for biogas at each of the facilities, noting that such plants serve to absorb heavy metals left in the soil as a result of the red-sludge spill. Engingi added that the byproduct remaining from conversion of the herbaceous plants into biofuel would be incinerated and transported to toxic-waste disposal sites. (MTI-Econews)