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New interest coordination body to start operating in 2012

The government plans to start operating a new interest coordination body called the National Economic and Social Council (NGTT) in 2012, National Economy Minister Gyorgy Matolcsy told Parliament's Employment and Labour Affairs Committee on Monday.

The National Economy Ministry announced on Friday the government would merge existing interest-coordination bodies into the NGTT with the aim of replacing the existing "obsolete" system with a more efficient one that covers the entire economy as well as society. The members of the NGTT are to include, in addition to unions and employers, representatives of business chambers, social and scientific civil organisations, and of Hungary's historical churches.

Matolcsy told the committee that another interest coordination system would operate for unions and employers. The state will participate in this forum as an employer, he added.

The existing forum for unions and employers, the National Interest Coordination Council (OET), is being wound up, Econews reported on Friday.