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New Consumer Protection Council to meet in autumn

Hungary's new Consumer Protection Council is expected to hold its first meeting this autumn, the National Economy Ministry said when asked by MTI.

The council is to discuss a draft of Hungary's fourth mid-term consumer protection policy. Social discourse on the policy will wind up by August 10.

The government announced plans to set up the council in February and published the decree establishing it a few days ago.

The members of the council will include representatives of the Competition Office (GVH), the National Consumer Protection Office (NFH), financial market watchdog PSZAF, the Hungarian Agriculture Chamber and the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MKIK) as well as from consumer protection groups and business associations.

Members are to be appointed for two years. They will receive no remuneration.

The council is to meet at least twice a year to discuss consumer protection activities as well as review and make proposals on the government's consumer protection policy.

The new body is to replace the Consumer Protection Council established in 2008.