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National health insurance fund deficit exceeds HUF 120 bln

Hungary's national health insurance fund (OEP) ran a deficit of HUF 123.67 billion in January-October 2009, largely because contribution revenues remained HUF 103.9 billion below the pro-rata target, data published on the fund's website show.

Revenue of the fund in January-October remained 8.6% below the pro-rata target, while expenditures were 0.7% over the target. The deficit targeted for the January-October was HUF 14.14 billion. In October alone, contribution payments remained more than HUF 20 billion below the pro-rata target as employers and employees paid HUF 64.5 billion into the fund as opposed to the targeted HUF 87.1 billion.

Expenditures on medical services and financial disbursements both exceeded the target. The fund spent HUF 313.39 billion on the former, one percentage point over the pro-rata target, and the HUF 207.4 billion worth of financial disbursements paid exceeded the target by 2.4 percentage points. This included sick-leave spending of HUF 92.1 billion, which was 107.4% of the target.

The medicine price subsidies budget generated savings of HUF 2.05 billion in January-October. OEP projects full-year spending in this area to be in line with the target.

The budget for medical aids exceeded spending in January-October 2008 by HUF 5.91 billion. (MTI – Econews)