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National health fund deficit well over target

Hungary's National Health Insurance Fund (OEP) ran a deficit of HUF 52.8 billion in the first half of the year, HUF 48.4 billion over the target, data published on the fund's website show.

The fund's H1 revenue was HUF 31.6 billion, or 4.5%, under the target, while expenditures were HUF 16.7 billion, or 2.4%, over the target.

Revenue from contributions was 7.0% under the target at HUF 485.7 billion. Most other revenue items were also under their respective targets, with the exception of revenue from drug makers' and drug sellers' contribution of 12% of producer-price-based turnover from subsidised drugs, which was HUF 5.1 billion, or 28.8%, over the target at HUF 22.9 billion. At the same time, the OEP spent HUF 164.9 billion on drug subsidies, HUF 14.9 billion, or 10%, over the target.

Among expenditures, sick-leave payments were HUF 4.7 billion over the target at HUF 56.1 billion, payments for Hungarians in hospital were HUF 12.2 billion over the target at HUF 175.2 billion, and payments for Hungarians with chronic health problems were HUF 1.8 billion over the target at HUF 28.8 billion. Expenditures for ambulatory patients were HUF 4.3 billion more than planned at HUF 57.5 billion.

Operating costs of the fund were almost HUF 1 billion over the target at HUF 12.2 billion. (MTI-ECONEWS)