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Motorola leads major NCF development

Consisting of 22, mainly Hungarian participants, international consortium StoLPaN led by Motorola Hungary is trying to create a cell phone which can also serve as a wallet.

Several bank cards, identity card, season tickets and other information could be kept in this new item, which will be based on a unified platform to contain cell phones with different functions and operated by different providers, said András Vilmos, leader of StoLPaN consortium. The consortium is run by a 3-year project supported by the EU, as well. The budget is €10 million. The plans are based on NFC technology created by Philips and Sony. 450 million of these mobiles are representing one-third of total number of cell phones to be used by 2010 globally. NFC is the greatest development in the history of mobile phones after text messaging, said János Suga, manager of Motorola Hungary. (NG)