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Ministry works to broaden eligibility for family tax preferences

Hungary's National Economy Ministry is working on amendments to the tax law to allow families in which the partners are unmarried take full advantage of tax preferences for children introduced in 2011, the ministry said on Friday.

At present, in families with children from different marriages, only the birth father or mother may avail of tax preferences for their respective children if they are unmarried. If they are married, they are eligible for tax preferences for all of the children.
In a family in which the partners are unmarried and to which the father brings one biological child and the mother two, the father is eligible for a HUF 10,000 tax preference and the mother for a HUF 20,000 tax preference. If the same partners are married, however, their combined tax preferences come to HUF 99,000, Tax and Customs Office (NAV) spokesman Peter Honyek explained. The ministry said it wanted to make family taxation more fair. (Econews)