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Ministry to provide dairy farmers support

Hungary's agriculture ministry will provide Hungarian dairy farmers-processors with HUF 2.5 billion (€8.75 million) in support, Agriculture Ministry officials announced.

Hungarian dairy farmers-processors are eligible for European Union export and intervention subsidies, and several measures have been taken on a domestic level to assist both farmers and processors.

A portion of the EU support is designated for third-country dairy exports, which include those of low-fat milk powder, butter and butter oil. The agriculture ministry officials noted that dairy farmers-processors can also request standard export refunds and intervention purchases, the latter beginning on March 1.

Intervention quantities are 109,000 tons for low-fat milk powder and 30,000 tons for butter.

The government would like to expand its school milk program in order to boost consumption, adding that it is also launching a planned HUF 50 million – HUF 100 million marketing program aimed at promoting this objective. (MTI – Econews)