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Markets may punish Hungary for its “idiosyncratic” economic policies, FT writes

The Financial Times published an article on its website on the occasion of the upcoming first anniversary of Prime Minister Orbán Viktor’s election victory, which has radically reshaped the political and investment climate in Hungary.

The article lists five key policy areas having the most heated political debates which are deficit, crisis taxes, media law, central bank and pension.

FT also cited Orbán’s recent “defiant” address where he claimed to protect Hungary against “an array of other malignant forces” including the IMF, banks and foreign critics.The online business portal notes there is an unusual political battle between Orbán on one side and government critics, foreign investors, the European Commission, and European Central Bank on the other.

The online business portal notes that while Orbán still has a narrow political lead, the economic impact of some of the less market-friendly ideas (mainly regarding pensions) has yet to be seen.

"Markets have punished Hungary before and may do so again for its idiosyncratic economic policies", the FT concluded.