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Large enterprises risking HUF 6 billion

Almost HUF 6 billion of subsidies can still be applied for in the coming month within the TÁMOP 2.3.3/B grant. The deadline previously set at the end of August has been modified to the end of April 2010.

The call for grant, dedicated to subsidize special and general trainings of large enterprises, has a budget of HUF 10 billion, of which only less than the half has been applied for. There is still a month’s time to get the applications ready.

The subsidy is a unique form of financing that covers 100% of the training by the enterprises that employ more than 250. The grant is open for companies that have not applied for an OFA grant before.

During the training, the development of key competences of the workforce and the input competencies necessary to join vocational training, will also be emphasized. The wage for the time the employees spend on the trainings is 160% financed for the applicants and the obligatory workforce-keeping measures can be applied for one premise or division as well. (BBJ Online)